How Noisy are Air Source Heat Pumps?

Air source heat pumps are an invaluable tool, used to take the latent warm air outside and turn into heating for both homes and commercial buildings. ASHPs are a great option for the environmentally conscious, but one question that gets asked a lot is how much noise an air source heat pump will generate once installed. The Government are proponents of air source heat pumps, as they play an important role in the UK’s CO2 emissions targets. In 2011, the Department of Energy and Climate Change published research detailing the noise levels of ASHPs. Research was carried out at 9 different sites across the UK, from Fraserburgh in Scotland to down in the Cotswolds. The tests showed no cause for co

What is a biomass boiler?

There are now a lot of heating options available on the market. From conventional gas and oil boilers to biomass boilers. Biomass boilers are often less talked about than other heating systems, so this article aims to outline what a biomass boiler is and their benefits. Simply put, biomass heating systems burn wood to generate heat. A biomass boiler is connected to a home’s heating system, in order to provide heat and hot water. A 12kW biomass boiler is usually the standard for residential properties, generating enough heat and hot water for a 4-bedroom house. Requirements When deciding whether or not a biomass boiler is suitable for your property its important to take a few things into acco

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