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Why Choose Air Source Heat Pumps for your home or business?

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air and can be used in conjunction with other heating and cooling systems, including heat radiators and underfloor heating systems. Even when the thermometer reaches below zero outside the device is still able to get heat from the air and bring it into your home. 

The energy efficient device can help to lower energy bills, whether it’s being used for a home or a business as it replaces conventional electric heating. Under the renewable heat incentive, you could even receive earnings for the energy you make if you qualify for the government backed scheme, which both domestic properties and non-domestic building could be entitled to. 

Utilising the system is also more environmentally friendly, with lower carbon emissions than other heating systems. Moving towards a greener home or business is becoming increasingly commonplace as more people become conscious and concerned about our impact on the planet. For businesses, especially that want to show their customers they are taking steps to be more environmentally friendly, using renewable energy sources can be a positive step for their reputation, particularly if they undertake corporate responsibility reporting. 

Compared to other heating systems air source heat pumps offer more flexibility and are robust. When a machine is installed users can expect their home and water to be heated from a single device and it can even provide cooling during the summer months. In terms of life span, air source heat pumps can provide reliable, low maintenance heating for up to 50 years. 

One concern that people raise when considering implementing the system in their home is air source heat pump noise but this shouldn’t be an issue. In 2009 the UK government issued a noise level limit for the installation of renewable and low carbon energy technology and all manufacturers have to abide by this. As a result, modern machines are now very quiet and other typical household appliances, such as a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner or food blender, generate more noise. 

If you’re looking for a renewable energy source you’re likely to have come across plenty of options but compared to a ground source heat pump an air source heat pump is far easier to install. If you’ve been swayed by the benefits RSS Energy can help you with your installation needs, whether you’re a homeowner looking to cut down energy bills or a business wanting to boost environmental credentials.